Good Morning UK

Hello to everyone in the UK!
It is a great honour to be featured in the Guardian, the great quality paper that everyone trusts.

We were very surprised because We had not received any coverage from the Guardian.

As many Brits already know, this site is not a collection of intolerances against 'children playing outside'.
There are complaints about parents who let their children play in the street in front of other people's houses for hours almost every day.
In many cases there is a park nearby.
But for some reason they don't take the children to the park.

Playing with balls, screaming, trespassing in other people's houses, causing damage to houses and cars, and sometimes even causing traffic accidents, are the main concerns of many Japanese people.

If we give such parents a warning or a request and they immediately listen, they will not be included in such a map.
Often, these parents do not listen to warnings or requests and escalate the play, sometimes to the point of harassment.

The police do not have an effective solution to this problem.
People are worried, suffering and don't know how to solve their problems, so they register on the map in search of help.

We know that there are many people in the UK who have similar problems.
I hear there are road signs in the UK that say no ball games. I'm very jealous!

We have received applications for registration from a number of people in the UK and Portugal who may have seen the Guardian.

But I'm sorry.
Unless We understand foreign laws and etiquette, We will not be able to reflect the points you send me on the map.

If anyone is interested in using this map in the UK, please contact us.

Thanks for reading.
















  1. Ukninja より:

    No ball games signs are only found on housing estates owned by local government ( we in UK call them council estates or USA called projects) and not in streets. Many of these estates are tough neighbourhoods and suffer from multiple social problems.

    • DQN TODAY より:

      Hi Ukninha
      Thank you for your comment.
      Oh, there are only a few signs forbidding ball games in a few limited places.
      Thank you for telling me.

      I once saw a comment on a UK forum: “I want a no ball sign by my house too!”
      I also learned that the law and the police in the UK are unable to solve the problems of such people.

  2. Aaron より:

    I came to this website because I was hoping I could submit complaints for certain neighbors here in the USA! Haha
    Hopefully y’all will consider expanding your map to other countries. I know there are many Americans like me who would be very interested in something like this!

    • DQN TODAY より:

      Hi Aaron,
      Thank you for your interest in this site.
      I didn’t expect to receive requests for registration from outside Japan.
      Unfortunately, I don’t know the laws and etiquette in other countries.
      So, if you apply to register a point outside the country, I will not be able to reflect it.That’s scary!
      If you know someone who would like to use the structure of this site to operate in the USA, please let them know.
      Thank you!

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